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"My style muse is a confident women."


Anete Freimane is a fashion stylist and style expert based in Houston, Texas, with clientele across the United States. Anete's timeless and distinctive style is credited to her artistic eye and love for visual expression. Her vibrant personality, professionalism, and seasoned point-of-view enable her to build trusted and meaningful relationships with her clients. Most importantly, her adaptability to the ever-changing fashion landscape is her expertise in bringing her clients’ creative visions to life.

Born and raised in Northern Europe, living in places such as Latvia, Portugal, several parts of the United States and traveling around, Anete followed her zeal for fashion and graduated from the California-based School of Style and quickly found herself collaborating with a diverse range of clients, production teams and photographers. Blending her love of fashion with visual storytelling to create memorable fashion moments, Anete has contributed to numerous seasons of Riga Fashion Week. Additionally, she lends her expertise in all aspects of fashion, style, and creative direction to clothing brand Abstraction Design.

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